With the continuously improving of technologies in today’s manufacturing, we foreseen the demand for high performance rubber sheet will be increased for these challenging environment. Our manufacturing plant is located in Chonburi, Thailand, this strategic location allow us to direct access to pure and high quality virgin raw material as it is surrounded with vast area of rubber plantation. Our full range of R&D equipment and skills staff has developed a series of top notch series of high performance rubber sheet for today’s high challenging requirement of rubber sheet. With automated weighing system we make sure each and every batch of our production are with the same formulation, our latest technology compounding and calendaring machine ensure every single of the finished product are highest quality. From OEM to several leading brand in rubber sheet industry we have developed our own ODM and registered it under ChangRubber. This ChangRubber series of high performance rubber sheet cover a full range of today’s environment requirement for oil resistance, chemical resistant, flame retardant, high abrasion, concentrate chemical resistant, high temperature resistant, ozone and weather resistant.


Cost Effective

Cost effective – ChangRubber rubber sheet series are 100% virgin raw rubber without any recycle material, its outstanding ageing and ozone resistance makes our product last at least twice as long as normal rubber sheet in the market. This has save a lot of maintenance time and cycle time.

High Performance

We only provide high quality rubber sheet, with high grade ribbed smoked raw materials. It increase it's lifespan in overall function of the rubber sheet in all application. With tensile strength more than 30mpa, elongation at break of more than 820%, less than 50mm3 abrasion test, more than 100 kgf/cm2 tear strength, less than 20% on compression set test and with highest temperature resistant of more than 270 degree Celsius. Every single of the specification value will easily allow us to pass our competitor which makes us top quality rubber sheet manufacturer.

Healthy & Secure

Our ultimate goal is to create highest performance rubber sheet, but this does not means we compromised on user’s health and security. We are an environmental conscious company, all ChangRubber products are compliant with international standard such as SGS, FDA, RoHs and REACH

Experienced R&D

Our in house laboratory is equipped with full range of research and testing equipment we customized and invent your rubber solution challenges. With over 30 years of experience in rubber compounding and calendaring rotocure, we able to develop a custom formula suitable for your challenging environment.


ChangRubber understand that quality might not be an inspection process for customer receiving SOP, but rather a manufacturing mentality assuring every aspect of the manufacturing process from the incoming sourcing material, mixing of material, manufacturing of component and all the way through to packing and shipping. ChangRubber is committed to quality in every step of process. We strive to achieve highest quality standards in every product that comes out from our facility bears the perfect stamp of quality.