R & D

FTIR Analyzer (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer)

Using infrared light to scan sample, some radiation absorbed and some passed through. The radiation then converted into rotational energy by the sample. The result of the signal is detected by a spectrum. Each molecule will produce an unique spectral fingerprint which make FTIR analysis a great tool for rubber indentifications.

Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA)

A programmable furnace that connected to an integrated balance, heating and weighing instrucment. Weight is measured over time as the temperature changes. Data collected from a thermal reaction is compile into a plot of mass percentage can be plotted to determine the decomposition patterns thus determine the possible material in the sample.

Aging Oven Tester

This oven evaluates the heat resistance of the rubber sample in aging and degradation. With exposes sample to an simulated atmosphere where new heated air is constantly supplied at a specified rate, thus accelerated degradation. Theoretically a test session in 70 celsius for 24 hours straight is equivalent to six months of exposure of the specimen in normal conditions.

Abrasion Tester

DIN abrasion Tester is to determine abrasion of a sample rubber. Complies with DIN 53516, ASTM D5963, ISO 4649. The lower the index showing the better the rubber againts abrasion resistant.

Universal Testing Machine

By pulling the specimen at specified strength and movement speed, it determine the tensile strength and compressive strength of rubber material.

Mooney Viscometer

Instrucment used for measuring the mooney viscosity of rubber with rotating spindle and heated dies to calculate it’s mooney viscosity from the torque on the spindle. This Mooney Viscometer measures the changes in rubber properties over time from uncured to scorched state. Indication of the prevulcanization tendency of the compound to determine the vulcanization time for the sample blended for optimum performance

Temperature and Huminity Chamber

This special chamber simulated different climatic conditions, such as heat-endurance, cold-endurance, dryness-endurance and humidity-endurance on the sample testing. With temperature range from -80 to +200 celsius, this chamber testing would clearly defined the performance of the sample material

Typical Properties of Rubber Sheet