EPDM Rubber Sheet

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene monomer) rubber is a type of synthetic rubber, this elastomer is widely use in most of the outdoor application and for chemical and high temperature resistant application. EPDM also exhibits outstanding resistance to Ozone, Steam, and also an electrical insulator. EPDM rubber is widely use as roofing membranes, since it does not pollute the run off rain water, this EPDM rubber sheet is also use in rainwater harvesting. EPDM rubber sheets are also use as geomembranes, rubber mechanical goods, impact modification, seals for solar panel, hose vibrators and pond liners. ChangExp EPDM rubber sheet is resistant to aging, water, abrasion, UV and ozone, which makes it perfect material to use under exposed environment. They are highly recommended at areas where surface is exposed to weather, sunlight, heat, ozone or gasses. EPDM rubber sheet is also ideal for use in water and is often considered the material of choice for potable water applications.


  • Superior resistance to water and steam
  • Highly resistive from sunlight, ozone and UV radiation
  • Very good flexibility at low temperatures


  • Window seals
  • Automobile beading
  • Rubber beading, pads & profiles
  • Man-way gaskets
  • Low pressure pipe seals
  • Weather strips

Environmental Performance

  • Flame Resistance : Fair
  • Gas Permeability : Fair to Good
  • Ozone Resistance : Good to Excellent
  • Oxidation Resistance : Good to Excellent
  • Weather Resistance : Excellent
  • Water Resistance : Excellent