EPDM FDA Grade (FDAEP130565)

FDA approved white EPDM rubber are tasteless and non-toxic and are suitable for a wide range of uses within their temperature range. Normal operating temperatures for this material fall within -40°C to 140°C. We highly recommend our FDA Certified EPDM rubber sheet for applications that require excellent flex fatigue resistance. This non-toxic rubber is made from premium grade EPDM rubber and profile products can be used in a wide range of application in the food industry. A couple of uses include FDA seals and gaskets, packaging components, and soft touch grips.

  • None toxic
  • Excellent resistance to impact, cut and tear
  • Outstanding tensile strength
  • High resilience
  • Food processing
  • Food packaging
  • Bakery industry
  • Gasket and other various type of food grade seals
  • Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry

Physical & Mechanical Properties

  • Density (g/cm3) : 1.30
  • Durometer or Hardness Range : 65 +/-5 Shore A
  • Tensile Strength Range (MPa) : 5
  • Elongation (Range %) : 300%
Thermal Properties
  • Low Temperature Range : -40° C to -1° C
  • Minimum for Continuous Use (Static) : -30° C
  • High Temperature Range : +120° C to +140° C
  • Maximum for Continuous Use (Static) : +140° C


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