EPDM (THEP135650)

EPDM Rubber sheeting demonstrates outstanding resistance to heat, ozone and weather steam. The material is widely used in Automotive industry for door seals, in engineering to manufacturer gasket and seals for boiler industries and steam pipe gasket, and in the drinking water industry as low toxicity gasket.
With its strong combination of thermal and mechanical properties, EPDM is a good choice for the door seals and gasket. EPDM gaskets also provide a measure of acoustic insulation against road noise and equipment sounds. Additional vehicle applications include hood seals. EPDM’s strength and elasticity also make it a good choice for the vibration isolation mounts used with machinery. EPDM rubber also turned out to be a very suitable product for construction and roofing industries
  • Superior resistance to water and steam
  • Highly resistive from sunlight, ozone and UV radiation
  • Very good flexibility at low temperatures
  • Window seals
  • Automobile beading
  • Rubber beading, pads & profiles
  • Man-way gaskets
  • Low pressure pipe seals
  • Weather strips
Physical & Mechanical Properties
  • Density (g/cm3) : 1.35
  • Durometer or Hardness Range : 50 +/-5 Shore A
  • Tensile Strength Range (MPa) : 6
  • Elongation (Range %) : 250%
  • Compression Set : 40%
  • Flex Cracking Resistance : Good
  • Impact Resistance : Very Good
  • Resilience / Rebound : Fair to Good
  • Tear Resistance (kgf / cm) : 18
Thermal Properties
  • Low Temperature Range : -30° C to -5° C
  • Minimum for Continuous Use (Static) : -15° C
  • High Temperature Range : +100° C to +120° C
  • Maximum for Continuous Use (Static) : +120° C
Environmental Performance
  • Flame Resistance : Fair
  • Gas Permeability : Fair to Good
  • Ozone Resistance : Good to Excellent
  • Oxidation Resistance : Good to Excellent
  • Weather Resistance : Excellent
  • Water Resistance : Excellent


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